You will find a range of different historical items and types of sources in the digital city library: newspapers, magazines, calendars, yearbooks and reports, monographs, postcards and historical city plans and maps, which were made in Riga or in which the city is featured and/or referred to in one form or another.
The volumes comprise periodicals (newspapers, magazines, calendars etc.) and books, each representing up to more than 100,000 digitalised pages, and picture material consisting of some 300 items.
The large majority of the items are in the German language. This is first and foremost for historical reasons: German was the main language in Riga until well in to the second half of the 19th century and, to some extent, up to the First World War. The German language was used in trading communication, science and in circles of leading political middle-classes and nobility, resulting in predominantly German-language journalism. The dominance of German in these Latvian fields ended after Latvia became independent from Russia in 1918.


Over the following period, most printed Latvian works were subject to copyright, as they are more recent, and, as such, could not be recorded in the current digital collection. Older books written in Latvian and Russian are available to us and have of course been integrated in to the Riga Digitalis.

N.B: The books can be searched in the complete list by title, author and year of publication (ascending and descending), as well as by “Themes Cloud” in the Main Menu.